Hackerrank Day 1: Interquartile Range



My Solution in Ruby:


We can also store the elements and their corresponding frequencies in their own hash, which are stored in an array, and sort the array by the value of the element in the hashes, like so:


  • It’s possible to store hashes within an array.
  • sort! modifies current existing array.  sort creates a new sorted array.
    • array.sort!{ |x, y| x <=> y }  sorts current array in ascending order.
    • array.sort!{ |x, y| y <=> x }  sorts current array in descending order.
  • Array.new that takes two arguments (n, element) returns that element n times.
    • Array.new(3, true) #=> [true, true, true]


Hackerrank Day 1: Interquartile Range

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